PMC’s are not Private anymore


I think it’s time we stopped using the word ‘Private Military Companies’, because the vast majority today are not Private.

Almost all that are operating in Iraq and Afghanistan are either Government Owned or at least Government Backed. In fact they should be better known as Contractors, i.e. ‘Contract Military Companies’.

However, I still think there is a place out there for PRIVATE companies. In the past they have successfully filled a need by many countries. Although it’s become well known that whenever they did well Governments took the full credit, however when things went wrong they were only to quick to distance themselves from the companies. What I call a bet each way on yourself, they could not lose.

Until know and the internet and a means of keeping an eye on everybody.

I would be interested to hear what others have to say on the subject.


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The Conspiracy Cookbook

By Michael B da Silva

Ala Carte or Al Fresco

Mental gymnastics at its best

Conspiracy theories have been around since the dawn of time right back to the time when the caveman carved out a wheel from stone. There was always going to be a detractor who let his seemingly oodles of free time allow his primitive brain cook up a theory that this device was the work of Neanderthal communists living in the village down the valley and that it was much more than a wheel , it was a weapon of mass transportation that was designed expressly to create destabilisation and the prolonging of pain and draconian mindset keeping the caveman in abject poverty ! This mind set has survived intact for millennia and if that sounds ridiculous then read on and see first hand how conspiracies get whipped together by supposedly intelligent ,educated people with honour and prestige in positions of power! (that`s the theory anyway)

Enter the 21st century where the internet is teaming with conspiracy theorists and lunatic fringe “brainiacs” all surmising they have the correct take on world events and the players within the pot regardless of facts and court cases that have duly shut the books on the event in question or whether the event was proven or not. These modern day “sleuths” allow their imaginations to run riot and do cart wheels with their mouths uncontrollably spewing tripe. They also don’t seem to care who they implicate in their mental gymnastic tall stories. Whether these people are involved and whether any real effort was made to confirm and legitimately ensure that what they are writing is within the realm of reality and accurate. One cannot disembark on a diatribe accusing people of serious crimes without doing exhaustive investigations into that individual or group. Accusations of collusion in serious crimes is tantamount to endorsement, using your name as collateral. What you write better contain facts that can be corroborated if scrutinised by third parties. The truth however is that the truth is secondary to most of those that make wild accusations and there are multitudes of reality impaired people trawling the web. Every blogger has their pet project that they comment on and post what they believe in. Every blogger has followers and detractors. What is truly scary is that many mental gymnasts that litter their blogs with unsubstantiated waffle are educated people who although educated are not necessarily intelligent.

This brings me to the motivation for my post.
Recently I read a post on a blog I follow, written by a person who I have had the distinct honour to have worked for in Angola. The blog which I read with interest is titled and is authored by Eeben Barlow. Eeben had just posted a piece about something that was written and reported about him. Herewith I will copy and paste the original piece that was written about Eeben by a person who I have difficulty not openly swearing at. He wrote overtly libellous comments that could have far reaching implications if taken further. One cannot simply accuse people still living of orchestrating terrorist atrocities without having empirical irrefutable hard evidence as opposed to circumstantial evidence which the author of the blog that attacked Eeben says he has. The author of the misguided blog is someone who touts themselves as a legal brain in England however the empirical irrefutable truth is that he was fired by the Prime Minister for wrong doings and maladministration. His name is Patrick Haseldine and I have circumstantial evidence and hear say that suggests that he wears ladies knickers (it is as I say circumstantial). Herewith the copy/paste from his site I mentioned.


Eeben Barlow, commander of South Africa’s Civil Co-operation Bureau (CCB) Europe Branch, coordinated the Lockerbie bombing on 21 December 1988 by targeting UN Commissioner for Namibia, Bernt Carlsson, the most prominent of the 270 victims.

At Heathrow airport, CCB operatives had six hours in which to substitute the ‘bomb bag’ for Bernt Carlsson’s checked-in suitcase, while Carlsson was attending a meeting in London with the De Beers diamond cartel. No trace of his suitcase was ever found following the Pan Am Flight 103 disaster.

Eeben Barlow joined the South African Defence Force in 1974 and became a commander of SADF’s notorious 32 Battalion Reconnaissance Wing in Angola (see attached photo), where he ‘assisted’ the anti-government rebel movement Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA). Subsequently, Barlow was assigned to SADF’s Directorate of Military Intelligence and then to General Magnus Malan’s Civil Co-operation Bureau (CCB) where he commanded Region 5, an area that encompassed Europe and the Middle East. Barlow was based in London in the 1980s and it was his job to disseminate disinformation about the ANC. One can speculate on what other activities Barlow and South African “superspy” Craig Williamson got up to whilst stationed in Europe including their involvement in the assassinations of Sweden’s Prime Minister, Olof Palme, in February 1986 and ANC representative in France, Dulcie September, in March 1988. The CCB was definitely involved in assassinations elsewhere, including that of Anton Lubowski, a leading member of Namibia’s SWAPO (South West African Peoples’ Organisation) in 1989. The manufacture and distribution of drugs, involvement with the so-called Third Force, utilised to destabilise South Africa during the pre-1994 election period. Dr Wouter Basson (so-called Dr Death) was also part of the CCB operation and behind a CBW programme code-named Project Coast.
The activities of Executive Outcomes (formed by Barlow in 1989 when the CCB was disbanded), the clients it served, and the global transnational corporate elite that included the De Beers diamond cartel, Texaco and Gulf-Chevron reveals the role of mercenary groups, especially in Africa. Much of EO’s income came from ‘doing deals’, that is, getting lucrative mining concessions as payment for providing protection or overthrowing governments that ‘got in the way’ of doing business such as those conducted in Sierra Leone, Angola and DR Congo. And here the connections between EO and companies such as Diamondworks, becomes important, for the close association between EO and the diamond and gold concessions reveals that EO not only got paid cash for supplying mercenary forces but also obtained lucrative mining concessions as well. Executive Outcomes subsequently morphed into Sandline International and ended up as the private military contractor Aegis Defence Services.””

This inflammatory post was brought to Eebens attention by a third party who happened upon it. The correct method would have been for Patrick to at least attempt to contact Eeben and interact before hand ensuring fairness and disclosure. Instead Patrick steam rolled ahead and slandered Eebens name without an iota of a thought to professionalism and or restraint or whether what he was writing and its source Robert Black had any facts based in reality. Today`s world is a funny place and when the word terrorism, bombing, assassination pop up in posts, little red flags start waving all over the place. It would have been the manly righteous thing to do to at least have contacted the person you are about to defame.

Eeben Barlow has a very colourful history which is easily googled and this naturally opens him to all manner of conspiracy theorists wet dreams. He was involved in the intelligence apparatus of the Old South Africa as it were and was associated with the CCB. This is on his blog and is described in detail in Eeben`s book. He has history, and unfortunately this feeds into the lame brains out there who are out to scribble down nonsensical horse shit about people who must have annoyed them somewhere in life.( be it professionally or personally) I could only surmise as to what Eeben has done to irk Patrick so much, perhaps it is the fact that Eeben ran a supremely professional company that turned around 30 years of civil war and stopped the advance of misery? Maybe it was because Patrick secretly envies a true operator and is unhappy in his own life and with his own shortcomings as a man and politician? Hell I don`t know it’s all just conjecture but because I am writing it , hey it must be so! That is precisely what Patrick has done!! I sit here and for some strange unbeknownst reason the name walter mitty keeps popping to mind when typing the name Patrick Haseldine but I digress.

I have posted a comment on Patrick’s blog that reads (once again I copy/paste directly
“”michael b said…
INCREDULOUS! where did you get your intel from? prey tell? hells teeth, that is some fancy mental gymnastics you tout about Eeben Barlow. next you will blame him for the biblical plagues, world war two, 9/11 and the crucifixion. you are obviously an educated man but education does not necessary mean intelligent. you need more than circumstantial evidence to support a theory before publishing possibly libellous comments. you of all people should know this. what gives? did you have a brain fart? i am an ex Executive Outcomes employee and i am not some pseudo assassin of the old apartheid state or of Eeben Barlow. check your factoids before spewing garbage.

michael b da silva “”
19 AUGUST, 2011
“”michael b said…
patrick, the reason Eeben has “refused” to comment to your second comment is that he has stated on his blog that he has zero wish nor need to contact you anymore relating to your wild accusations and has marked you as spam. oh and the spam he has tagged you as is not the corned beef variety you find in a can. i agree fully with Eeben! if you bothered to go and look at his blog you would have noted that before making redundant comments. to your original accusations i say BWAHAHAHAHA! brilliant, now i know who to blame for the fact that the tooth fairy did not bring me money for my tooth that i put under my pillow. Eeben obviously had him whacked!

This is a very serious allegation that has been levelled at Eeben Barlow by Patrick Haseldine and his erstwhile chum, Robert Black

“”Feral Jundi said…
Good on you for catching this and calling it out. Guys like Patrick remind me of the 9/11 truthers who invent lies to support their conspiracy theories.

What really kills me about this is that Libya has confessed to the Pan Am 103 bombing, agreed to pay compensation to the victims, and the suitcase that had the explosives was identified as being owned by Abdelbaset al-Megrahi. And of course this Libyan terrorist was convicted in a court of a law as being the bomber.

Libya even uses Lockerbie now as a way of thumbing it’s nose at the west, and especially when Scotland freed al-Megrahi due to so-called ‘health reasons’. pffft. And look at the guy now? He is paraded around as a hero by Ghaddafi.

So Patrick is making up stuff. But what gets me about dudes like this is that they know how to use new media to spread their lies. He is all over the place on Facebook and elsewhere, and it is quite pathetic.
August 19, 2011 9:23 PM

I would half expect Patrick to at least make contact directly with Eeben as a professional courtesy to explain his sources and proof but i doubt whether Patrick is man enough to do so. He will sit there and pontificate from behind his computer dreaming up other implausible lies about Eeben and whoever else and not bothering with that little thing called “the truth”. Eeben has in his blog stated that he will simply laugh this one off too, Eeben has been the target of numerous disinformation and misrepresentation attempts from everyone from the UN to the New York Times to Patrick Haseldine. Eeben must be a supremely patient man. I intend to send Patrick recipe`s for hallucinogenic muffins and cannabis shortbread cookies as i think that Patrick may have indulged in a tad too much LSD in the 60`s (that is my opinion and i have absolutely no proof. But i will state it as a truth because i say so! It is very much in the same vein as what Patrick and Robert Black has done with allegations levelled at Eeben)
Patrick you should start a cookbook seeing as you are so adept at cooking up stories. You could title it “THE CONSPIRACY COOKBOOK” cooking it up with Patrick Haseldine (Ala Carte or Al Fresco) with guest chef Robert Black author of his cook book “stirring the crock pot”
Patrick Haseldine and Robert Black all i have left to say is …. sis on you!
Michael B Da Silva

Michael B Da Silva


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Peace The Old Fashioned Way

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Ancient Art Of Ethnic Cleansing

After having to research and constantly read through the history introduction articles to most of the countries around the world on this web site. I’m beginning to believe that I could have used the same article for many of the countries.

The Twentieth Century has certainly witnessed the “Ancient Art Of Ethnic Cleansing” carried out to the full. It remains to be seen if it will be allowed to continue throughout the Twenty First Century. Sadly and knowing human nature like we all do, it will probably come down to the mighty dollar. If there is money to be made, somebody will grab it and if innocent people are in the way, I feel sorry for them and get the hats out ready to collect for them, because their government won’t give a toss.


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Soldiers Of Fortune

Welcome to the ‘Mercenary-Wars’ version 2.
Very sorry for all those who lost their earlier blogs as Version1 was hacked and sadly removed.
It’s quite obvious that there are a few out there who want this site to shut down and go away. However, their actions will never succeed, especially while I still have the cooperation and help of the many contributors and visitors to the site.
It has taken just over a year to set up and add most of the background pages. Now is the time to start adding all of the many many Newspaper, Magazine and Blog articles that are out there to their respective countries.
You are welcome to join in if you have articles that you think are relevant or can point me towards other articles that are already out there.

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